Get customized, full-color reports for your company as MS-Excel files, ready to print in color or black & white.

Key Benefits

List Processing Summary
Zip-Distance-Year Report
  • See where your customers are
  • Pinpoint key market areas
  • Easily see how many customers you have to mail
  • See how far out you need to go to mail a specific number
  • US reports are in miles, Canadian in kilometers
  • In 1993, we wrote the original report which is now considered an "Industry Standard"
  • View Sample Zip-Distance-Year Report
Sales Match Report

We will match your mailed list to the dealer’s data and answer these questions:

  • How many sales did your mailing generate?
  • How much did they spend?
  • How many new / used?
  • How many Purchased / Leased?
  • See the actual transactions and trade-ins
  • View Sample Sales Match Report
Service Match Report

Just like the Sales Match Report, but for the Service Manager

  • Repair Orders Generated
  • See $ amounts by Customer Paid, Warranty, Internal, Labor and Parts
  • Compare average $ amounts with ROs of customers who were not mailed
  • View Sample Service Match Report
Custom Reports

Although most of our customers use these reports unchanged, we consider them to be samples. We encourage you to change them or design your own. We will replicate your changes or new designs and keep those reports for your exclusive use.

Be creative! This is your opportunity to get those killer reports you have always wanted.